A Helping Hand


With majority of all purchases and credit card transaction accounting for daily revenue it is extremely important to make the right moves from the very beginning.

The credit card processing industry can be overwhelming at first but like many things it’s simple if you have the right connections and guidance.

We have Nationwide Credit Card Processing relationships that leave the guess work out and put you in control.

We hunt for only the top credit card service providers and with your information in hand we can connect 2 companies that are best suited for each other.

Time is money whether you are just opening your doors or a long time established business.

We want to help you save time and money by getting an affordable merchant account that is a perfect fit or connecting you with chargeback alerts to save you from costly charges and possible additional issues.

Merchant services have long been an industry that has multiple sides, high risk, new, need equipment, chargeback alerts, looking for a lower rate.  Let us give you a helping hand and guide you to a credit card provider.


Chargeback Alerts

Rather than have costly chargebacks that hurt your bottom line and could jeopardize your ability to process in the future, wouldn’t you like to save money by issuing a refund prior to charge back and avoid all the fees and penalties?  That where chargeback alerts come in to save the day.  Get notification, issue a refund, and avoid the chargeback all together. 


Merchant Accounts

Often times when searching for lower rates, it is near impossible to find who is offering the lowest terms.  This is in part due to the fact that many different providers have different names for each fee they charge.   Statements can make it seem like you are saving the most possible when in fact they are dramatically overcharging you.  We are here to help you by hand selecting credit card providers with top ratings to avoid most problems.

Every year new equipment will come out and you may choose to upgrade your equipment or just operate with your existing equipment.  We have deep relationships with multiple firms to supply you with what you need.   Did you know you can buy equipment outright or rent it monthly?  Let us help guide you through the credit and debit card minefield.

Our helping hands work on many angles for you.  This includes trusted vendors with affordable plans and top notch equipment.  In most cases you already know what you need but want the right decision to be made from the very beginning.   With all the new regulations regarding EMV credit cards and different types of providers it important to have someone that can educate you and help adjust your path  to the right decision for you.

Providers vary greatly and even the options they have for you.  The focus from provider to provider is vast and often times someone tries to fit your needs to what they have.  With K1MG, the first step we take is to find out what exactly what your company requires. Second, we take your requirements and get you in contact with the best providers that will assist you in making your own path to help with your success.



This site was born out of frustration trying to find the best merchant account services and equipment for our company. It seemed to be a systemic problem in the entire business world.  Many of our clients found our new process to be smooth, refreshing and simpler than the normal drawn out search from provider to provider. One of our first clients had over a 20 hour conversation with a single merchant account provider just to find out they didn’t offer the wireless credit/debit machine she needed. Now we take the hassle and headache out of the seemingly endless process of choosing a merchant card provider and simplify it and turn these negative experiences into positive ones to aid in achieving many successful ventures..