Chargeback Alerts


What is a chargeback alert?

  Prior notice to getting a chargeback –

chargeback alerts

This gives you a window to issue a refund and avoid fees, processor limits, and other problems associated with a normal Chargeback.


 Why use chargeback alerts?


In today’s merchant service based environment it’s becoming more and more understood the importance of lowering chargebacks and taking a proactive approach to lowering counts and percentiles.
In many cases we have seen some direct action taken from processors to remove clients who have a high number of chargebacks.
Even though you may be doing everything you can to prevent fraud you could see your ability to process funds disappear if you don’t integrate a chargeback program aimed at lowering occurrences.
Often times it out of your hands


Who needs Alerts?


If you find yourself in a field that has a large number of charge backs it imperative that you are proactive and use every resource available to avoid them.
With chargeback alerts you can be notified in time to issue a refund before yet another chargeback hurts your bottom line and risks your ability to operate.
Here are 8 steps to fight chargebacks


The Process

Chargeback Alerts provide a method of conversation between credit card issuers, vendors, and consumers. Alerts are triggered by way of early notice from processing banks.  This empowers issuers to give notice to merchants connected with purchases that they will want to refund monies to avoid an upcoming chargeback. This conversation arises prior to the chargeback being processed with the merchants company with the goal of allowing/giving the vendors the ability to deal with the situation, or to process a refund in order to avoid this becoming a chargeback. For more information click here or contact us now.