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Large Volume Processing

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What to expect:

If you are a large volume processor we have to verify your processing volume, and whether you are apart of a pre-approved list of buying groups, associations, or member organizations. for more information please fill out out form.



Wondering how to open you first merchant account? Want a better rate on existing merchant services?

Here at, we help you find a great provider and save you money along the way.

It is very important that your merchant service account meets all of your individual and business needs.

Simply CLICKING HERE and answering a few simple questions, we can help find you a provider tailored to you.



 Credit and Debit Card Processing

The options for processing credit cards are vast and complicated; that is why we take out the guess work for you.   We help simplify that process by understanding your companies’ needs and find the best possible solutions. You get to choose which credit card processor meets your specific criteria.

Your credit card terminal will match your own needs and have the correct payment gateway to help you increase your profits.  Depending on your situation, business, and volume, multiple rates can apply, but discounts exist that may help drop current rates dramatically.

This is where we come in. We take the stress of finding the right possible solutions for you and your company by searching the endless possibilities of processing venders on your behalf. We help simplify and streamline the process.

In our last audit we found within 5 processing providers with over 45 different terms used to charge fees.  Statement fees, tiers, interchange plus, charge backs, authorization, transaction and monthly fees are just a common few.  Even though different terms exist among providers; what is most valued is cost, quality, and credibility.   We are constantly seeking after the best of the best to fit your credit card processing needs.



Merchant Account’s

Once you fill out the contact page you will be promptly sent to the best merchant service firm that fits your needs.  They will walk through the information with you step by step. Be sure to ask questions as this will allow you to get the right fit.

The next step will cover the types of equipment and options available.  Generally this is a smooth and simple interaction.  Once you turn in an application, it takes anywhere from 2 days to a week to get approval and get you running.

If the process takes longer than 1 week its best to follow up directly with your contact.  The startup costs should be covered with you before your application is approved.   Average initial set up costs run from free to around 300 dollars to start.

This depends on you, are you buying or renting equipment and so forth.  The average providers will charge you fees per transaction as well as monthly fees.  The best providers can keep rates and monthly fees low.   Depending on your specific industry the rates may vary.  Internet options and POS software that integrates directly into your system are very common.

The sky is really the limit as far as credit card processing options can go.  One very important tip: depending on the type of device you use to charge cards with, it may have different rates?   You may find that it will save you money to ring them up at the cash register rather than over your table or phone.  Each provider is a little different on rates and rules so don’t be afraid to ask.


Do you need to protect yourself and save money on chargebacks with instant alerts?
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 Chargeback Alerts

With it becoming easer for purchasers to dispute legitimate purchases chargebacks are becoming a very expensive problem estimated at 40 billion a year as of 2016.  This hard hitting trend is seriously hurting many businesses and the bottom line. This has created an environment that can really affect day to day business.

Chargebacks are $40 billion issue that influences EVERY vendor’s primary concern.

Whether brought on by genuine misrepresentation (fraud or stolen cards) or (“purchasers regret” or questioning an honest to goodness charge), or on the off chance you are not actively trying to avoiding chargebacks, your chargebacks will really cost you. If you get to many or a high volume of chargebacks you could lose your ability to process altogether.

Tragically, it’s getting to be less demanding for consumers to debate what is and isn’t a legitimate transaction, with them bypassing you and going strait to the bank to request a chargeback you have little say. Unfortunately when that happens, YOU pay the cost. It’s evaluated that for each $100 in chargebacks, your actual expense is $308 in squandered time, costly expenses, penalties, and loss in goods or services.



Chargeback Alert Services

Once you fill out our form you will be contacted by A merchant alert representative within 24 hours or the next business day.  In most cases contact will only take a few minutes.